Galveston Restaurant Group announces major changes this week for two of its most popular dining concepts, Sky Bar Steak & Sushi and Gumbo Bar. The eateries will be swapping locations, with Gumbo Bar moving into the larger neighboring space at 2107 Postoffice and becoming Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar, the company’s first franchised concept and second location. Once the move is complete, Sky Bar will be re-opened in the original Gumbo Bar location at 2105 Postoffice.
Gumbo Bar, which typically finds diners lined up for its gumbos, oysters and po-boys, will increase in size but maintain the quaint, Gulf Coast atmosphere that it is known and treasured for. The new space will allow for an increased number of steam kettles, Gumbo Bar’s unique live-action cooking feature that prepares gumbos, cioppinos and clams to order in front of guests.
The move for Sky Bar Steak & Sushi will also include incorporation of steam kettles, allowing for a variety of Asian soups and other new, exciting fare. Updated, cosmetic changes are also in the plans for the popular Postoffice Street restaurant, which was voted “Best Asian Cuisine” in the 2011 Best of Galveston awards.
Renovations for Gumbo Bar’s new location are anticipated to take less than five weeks. "We want to make it clear that Gumbo Bar will not be closing during this process" says Danny Hart, one of the three Galveston Restaurant Group owners. “It will remain open and then seamlessly welcome guests at the new, neighboring space when construction complete.”
In the meantime, sushi lovers should not despair. “Saltwater Grill (2017 Postoffice Street) will start serving a sushi menu and offering sushi happy hour next Monday night. We would never deny our guests the opportunity to enjoy the sushi they’ve grown to love” Hart continued. Sky Bar will be celebrating this Friday and Saturday night with sushi and cocktail specials all night.
Galveston’s Postoffice Street is quickly becoming known for its Arts & Entertainment district, home to The Grand 1894 Opera House, a covey of art galleries and three of Galveston Restaurant Group’s dining concepts. Locals and tourists alike flock to the eateries and enjoy the variety of food, entertainment and shopping. “This is an exciting time for Galveston Restaurant Group” explained Johnny Smecca. “We have several other announcements coming very soon.”
Galveston Restaurant Group is a multifaceted restaurant company comprised of Johnny Smecca, Joey Smecca and Danny Hart. Galveston Restaurant Group owns and operates Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant, Gumbo Bar, Saltwater Grill, Sky Bar Steak & Sushi,
Papa’s Pizza and Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar. Visit them online at